Altec Sweet Mother's Bike

Altec Sweet Mother's Bike

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Altec Sweet Mother's Bike: Safety and Comfort for You and Your Child

The Altec Sweet Mother's Bike is designed with the safety and comfort of both you and your child in mind. Its thoughtful features make it the perfect companion for daily rides and family adventures.

Key Features:

  • Smooth and Reliable Shifting: The Shimano Nexus 3-speed gear system ensures a seamless and precise riding experience, making it easy to tackle hills and varying terrain.
  • Enhanced Stability: The steering lock provides added stability, especially when using a child seat, preventing the handlebars from turning unexpectedly.
  • Easy Access: The spacious and low step-through frame allows for effortless mounting and dismounting, even with a child on board.
  • Versatile Child Seat Options: Accommodates both front and rear child seats, with a sturdy rear rack capable of supporting a child seat.
  • Safe and Responsive Braking: The V-brake (front) and Shimano rollerbrake (rear) handbrakes offer reliable stopping power for added safety.
  • Comfortable Control: The wide handlebars provide better control and stability while steering.
  • Illuminated for Safety: The integrated lighting system ensures visibility during nighttime rides.


  • Color: Shiny Black
  • Wheel Size: 28"
  • Frame Size: 50
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Gears: Shimano Nexus 3-speed
  • Brakes: V-brake (front), Shimano rollerbrake (rear)
  • Lights: Battery-powered
  • Fork: Rigid
  • Stem: Adjustable
  • Other:
    • Steering lock
    • Double-walled aluminum rims
    • Double kickstand
    • Ring lock
    • 1-year warranty

The Altec Sweet Mother's Bike is the ideal choice for mothers seeking a safe, comfortable, and practical way to transport themselves and their children. With its combination of features and thoughtful design, it's the perfect solution for your daily journeys.