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Booking & Reservations

How do I order a bicycle?
Where can I get a Bicycle?
Can I reserve a bike?
Do I have to book online in order to reserve the bike?
How much is a bike?
What kind of a deposit do you need?
Can I return my bike earlier dan agreed?
Can I pay by cash on my day of arrival to the destination?
What is the minimum duration of the contract?
Is it possible to rent a bike by phone or email?
How do I know if the bikes I would like to rent are available?
Do you give reduction on groups?
Can I return the bike to another location than the one I rented from?
Is delivery possible?
How can I extend the 24 hrs rental period?
What if we would like to reserve bikes but we don’t know if it’s going to rain?
What are your terms & conditions?


What kind of bikes do you have?
What does your Bicycle Rental Include ?
Do you rent ladies bikes only?
Do you have tandems available?
Do you rent children's bikes?
Do you rent electric bikes?
Do you rent motorized bikes or scooters?

Safety & Insurance

Can I ride a bike with 2 people?
What happens if somebody steals my bicycle?
What happens if my bike breaks down?
Are there any special traffic rules I need to know?
Are rented bicycles insured against theft?
Do I get tools with the bike to change an innertube?
Do you provide helmets?
Is it safe to ride a bike with a child in a seat?
What is the law concerning Ipod and cellphones on the bike?

Culture and Activities

Why rent a Bike ?

Groningen is one of the most friendliest cities for cycling. Bicycle is the best transportation, you may reach every single point of the city within 1 hour of ride.

Do you provide maps?
Do you organize guided tours?


Bikes in Groningen

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